Book Presentation

Allan Sekula. Ship of Fools/ The Dockers‘ Museum

With Roger Buergel, Benjamin Buchloh, Manthia Diawara, Hilde van Gelder, Alberto Toscano
28 Feb 2015 | Johann Jacobs Museum

On the occasion of the exhibition Allan Sekula: The Dockers‘ Museum we present the book Allan Sekula. Ship of Fools/The Dockers‘ Museum in cooperation with Maumaus, Lissabon and hold a conference in the artist’s honor.


Benjamin Buchloh in Conversation with Roger M. Buergel
The legacies of Conceptual Art

Manthia Diawara
On the Films of Allan Sekula

Hilde Van Gelder
Ship of Fools and ‘The Rights of Man’: Allan Sekula’s Reconsidered Humanism

Alberto Toscano
Landscapes of Capital



Allan Sekula. Ship of Fools/The Dockers’ Museum
Ed. by Hilde Van Gelder, with a foreword by Jürgen Bock and Bart De Baere and contributions by Gail Day, Steve Edwards, Allan Sekula†, Sally Stein, Alberto Toscano and Hilde Van Gelder.
Leuven University Press (Englische Version), La Criée centre d’ art contemporain/FRAC Bretagne (French) and Lumiar Cité/Maumaus (Portuguese), 2015.