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The Johann Jacobs Museum is dedicated to the global interdependencies of our life-world. These interdependencies become especially clear when tracing the history of important trade goods and their transport routes. Products such as coffee, cocoa, petroleum, opium, sugar, silk, watches and diamonds have had a hand in shaping our planet, impacted cultures and revolutionized societies. Our programmes and events try to convey a broader understanding of these complex relationships.


  • Roger M. Buergel Director
  • Patrizia Tarone Managing Director
  • Sophia Prinz Researcher
  • Christina Wild Researcher
  • Bettina Schuler Production and office assistant
  • Yessica Palacios Production and office assistant (maternity leave cover)

Guided tours, reception and security
Alina Martimyanova, Christina Wild, Christine Michel-Gutierrez, Gaston Basterrica, Vera Frohofer-Kressig


The Johann Jacobs Museum is a division of the Jacobs Foundation, Zurich.
Authorised Representatives: Dr. Urs Arnold, Roger-Martin Bürgel, Alexandra Daniela Güntzer, Muriel Langenberger, Simon Sommer, Sandro Giuliani, Fabio Mauricio Segura Jurado
Trade Register: Bern, Register-Number: CHE-109.625.477

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