Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen

7 Sep 2019 6:00 pm -  2:00 am

Ismaiel-Wendt’s and Malte Pelleter’s Sound Lectures with the sound installation ARK (Arkestrated Rhythmachine Komplexities) at the longest night of Zurich’s museums. Rhythmic patterns (rock ‘n’ roll, bossa nova, mambo, samba, rumba, etc.) are presented as independent musical forms that tell of travel routes, of the “Yellow Pacific” or “Black Atlantic,” i.e. the old trade and migration routes of the colonial world. The sound installation ARK consists of 10 rhythm machines.
Our cozy terrace awaits with a selection of hearty, World Exhibition-inspired soups from South America and Turkey along with a drink, the “Sherry Cobbler”, which was very popular at the 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna.

Sound Lectures on the occasion of the exhibition World Exhibition. The event is included in the regular admission price for Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen. Tickets can be purchased in advance during museum opening hours or directly at the box office.