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25 Oct 2020
With Damian Christinger
Which bodies do ships convey and how do they fit into a global history?
30 Oct 2018
With Manthia Diawara, filmmaker, cultural theorist
A lecture that seeks to explore the inbetweenness of ritual objects and artworks.
26 Aug 2018
With Kati Torda
Kati Torda shares her knowledge about beads and their function in the culture of Ghana
20 Aug 2017
By Milica Topalovic
On Singapore’s transformation from a backwater colonial port to the new nation of industrial middle class housed in public high rises.
9 May 2017
By Petra Martin
Money, Gucci shoes, Rolex watches, iPhones – anything that serves as status symbol is burned. Apparently status is useful in the afterlife as well.
2 Feb 2017
By Peter J. Carroll
The 1929 group suicide of four female student nurses in the city of Guangzhou belied for many a fatal weakness of youth unable to weather the vicissitudes of modern competition and progress.
10 Nov 2015
By Silvy Chakkalakal
How “foreign culture” as a place of longing, an alternate reality and contrast to modernity emerged as an ongoing motif in 1920s-era social debates in the United States.
1 Sep 2015
By Roger M. Buergel
Certain things can be regarded as prisms, with the world revealing itself in a play of global refractions.

The Whip


18 May 2015
Von Iris Därmann
The whip is an ancient instrument of command, submission and chastisement. Its sharp crack is a reminder that neither man nor beast can withdraw its involuntary labor or service for another human being without painful consequences.
30 Sep 2014
By Zeuler R. Lima
In his lecture Zeuler R. Lima introduces Lina Bo Bardi as a curator with a distinct interest in exhibitions as a learning experience.
12 Sep 2014
By Silvana Rubino
Why would the architect Lina Bo Bardi, who defined herself as a modernist and rationalist, concern herself with the cultural expression of an impoverished rural population?

Lina Bo Bardi


13 May 2014
By Roger M. Buergel
Excursus on one of the 20th century’s most important architects and future exhibitions at Seefeldquai.