Theme Afternoon

Tiffany Chung - Begleitausstellung


With Erling Kagge
7 Apr 2019 | Johann Jacobs Museum | EN

In his book “Silence”, Norwegian author Erling Kagge explores experiences he had in situations of vulnerable solitude, including trips to the North- and South Pole and his climb of Mount Everest.
Silence plays a key role in the work of Tiffany Chung. If an aesthetic of silence is typically attributed to Far Eastern thinking, Kagge presents a highly contemporary version, beyond cultural clichés.


Theme aftenoon on the occasion of the exhibition Tiffany Chung – Thủ Thiêm.


Title image: Work detail of Peder Balke, Stetind in Fog, oil on canvas, 71.5 x 58.5 cm, 1864.