Theme Talk


How should I learn?

With Eliana Sousa Silva, Margherita Moscardini, Li Mu, Dias & Riedweg, Francesca Ceccherini and Roger M. Buergel
27 Jun 2021 3:00 pm
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For the preliminary conclusion of the exhibition “Lifelines” we dedicate ourselves to the artistic part of learning processes, be it in school or in real life. To this end, we will speak with personalities whose commitment and skills are directed at social contexts that are as complex as they are specific – the favela Maré in Rio de Janeiro, the Za’atari refugee camp in Lebanon, and the Chinese village of Qiuzhuang.

Eliana Sousa Silva, Margherita Moscardini and Li Mu in conversation with Dias & Riedweg, Francesca Ceccherini and Roger M. Buergel.

The event will take place in both digital and analog formats.


Title Image: Dias & Riedweg, The mirror and the afternoon, 2011. Courtesy of the artists.