Theme Talk

All That Perishes at the Edge of Land

With Hira Nabi (live from Lahore), Adnan Softić and Roger M. Buergel
4 Oct 2020 | Johann Jacobs Museum | EN

A docu-fiction by filmmaker Hira Nabi shows the scrapping of a container vessel once christened with the proud name «Ocean Master». The shipbreaking yard in Gadani (Pakistan), where workers dismantle ships in appalling conditions, inspired Nabi to take a meditative look at the relationship between violence and poverty, human community and profit interests, nature and technology.

Hira Nabi lives in Lahore (Pakistan) and teaches at Beaconhouse National University. Her current film work focuses on botanical activism and the migration of plant species in South Asia.

Artist Talk on the occasion of the exhibition A Ship Will Not Come.

Title Image: Martin Hurley, Bangladesh Shipbreaking Yard, Photograph, Chittagong, 2003. Courtesy of Martin Hurley and Alamy Stock Photo.