A ship will come

With Damian Christinger
25 Oct 2020 | Johann Jacobs Museum | DE

…puts the day-to-day work life of the men aboard the MS Basilea at the center of an exploration of the peripheral zone where the dreams of Swiss seafarers, the economic history of Switzerland, and its colonial past intertwine and influence one another. Which bodies do ships convey and how do they fit into a global history?

Damian Christinger studied art history and comparative cultural studies. He works as a freelance curator, publicist, and lecturer. He co-edited the books Happy Tropics 1 (2017) and Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd (2015). His essay «Eye to Eye: The Legacy of Paulo Freire» was recently published in Daniela Zyman, The Commissions Book, TBA21/Sternberg Press, Oct. 2020.

Theme Evening on the occasion of the exhibition A Ship Will Not Come.

Title Image: “MS Basilea” Film Footage (freeze frame), 1960s. Private Collection.