Events Archive

5 Apr 2020
With Christina Wild und Yann Stricker
2 Feb 2020 3:00 pm
With Bettina Schuler and Roger M. Buergel
On the reasons why the best part of cinema has found its home in the museum.
12 Jan 2020 3:00 pm
With Mamadou Diallo and Roger M. Buergel
On colonial and postcolonial realities in Africa today.

Last Exit — Occident

Theme Afternoon

3 Nov 2019
With Beat Wyss
Beat Wyss takes stock of World Exhibitions from a Eurocentric perspective.
6 Oct 2019
With Sophia Prinz
Lecture and discussion about social and artistic forms of perception.
14 Jul 2019
With Roger M. Buergel
This lecture outlines the global aspirations (and perils) of two prominent art exhibitions: documenta in Kassel and the Venice Biennale.
Tiffany Chung - Begleitausstellung

Strawberries from Vietnam

Theme Afternoon

5 May 2019
With Christina Wild
Introduction into the history of the plantations of Da Lat, French Indochina’s agricultural laboratory in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
Tiffany Chung - Begleitausstellung


Theme Afternoon

7 Apr 2019
With Erling Kagge
Erling Kagge presents a highly contemporary version of silence, beyond cultural clichés.