Country and World

Theme Talk

19 May 2019
With Andreas Spillmann
Talk with Andreas Spillmann (National Museum Zurich, Director) about the global challenges of today's museology.
26 Mar 2019
With Monika Dommann
Historian Monika Dommann in conversation with Roger M. Buergel
5 Mar 2019
With Quynh Dong and Bruno Z'Graggen
Vietnamese-Swiss artist Quynh Dong speaks with Bruno Z'Graggen about her video works “Sweet Noel” (2013) and “Das Aquarium” (2007)

Africa intertwined

Theme Talk

4 Nov 2018
With Andreas Greiner
Beads entered the African continent on caravan routes and became part of everyday life. How do we do historical research when our object of study is volatile and left almost no traces that come close to what we call “document”?
15 Jul 2018
Global Art History and the Challenge of Taste
Chika Okeke-Agulu in conversation with Roger M. Buergel about the comparability of Persian manuscripts, Mauritanian beads, Japanese lacquerware, Peruvian textiles, German woodcuts and Swiss embroidery